Converting Transactions into Relationships

McCone Properties will not only help manage the purchase or sale process but also look after our client’s choices and preferences throughout the entire process to ensure that the transactions are in compliance with the laws in Dubai.

Here at McCone Properties, we help our clients get in touch with banks, surveyors, mortgage providers, developers and agents to ensure a smooth sale and transition process. We keep our clients well-informed of the current property laws and regulations and ensure that all the legal requirement to transfer the property is met. We can also provide property-related legal services offer handover and snagging services along with property consultancy

Frequently Asked Questions

It is essentially the process of preparing all of the documents required to ensure a smooth transfer of property ownership. McCone Properties coordinates and represents either the Buyers or the Sellers to ensure that all their interests in a property transfer and transaction are properly conveyed, coordinated, and well represented, protecting all parties involved.

Sales Progression is the process of monitoring the property transfer and ensuring that the progress of the transfer is timely. It takes place from the time an offer is accepted right through legal actions until the exchange of contracts and the completion of the transfer.

McCone Properties’ Conveyancer acts as the point of contact between the buyers, sellers, developers, and other real estate agencies. A Conveyancer’s goal is to reduce the time it takes from acceptance of the offer to the completion and to reduce the risk of any potential fall-throughs. Here are a few of the tasks a conveyancer handles to ensure the smooth transition of property for our clients:

  • Evaluate and authenticate the required forms for Dubai Land Department
  • Attend property valuations
  • Manage the bank/finance providers
  • Provide the required documentation to the developer
  • Attend NOC application appointment with all parties
  • Verify any POA documents prior to the transfer date
  • Handle the title registration and transfer with Dubai Land Department

McCone Properties’ Conveyancer regularly updates sellers on the selling process and ensures all required documentations are in place for a seamless transfer of the property. Here are a few benefits that sellers can expect when working with McCone Properties:

  • Regularly follows up with property developers and Dubai Land Department
  • Ensure that the outstanding Mortgage is settled and the seller is not bearing any liabilities
  • Provides a detailed statement documenting the service charges that the buyer shall refund the seller (if applicable) on the date of the transfer and the exact amount of money that the seller will receive in the Manager’s Cheque/Cash. The statement will also include the amount that the seller will refund to the buyer if the property is tenanted.
  • Assist the seller to obtain the required NOC from the developer for the transfer
  • Provide accurate legal advice regarding the contract for the transfer
  • Be present and deal with the appointments with the developer and manage the final transfer at the trustee office.

McCone Properties’ Conveyancer will be guiding you through the buying process and managing all the required steps to complete the transfer of the property. Here are a few benefits that buyers can expect when working with McCone Properties:

  • Buyers are informed accurately on the progression of the transfer
  • Determine any potential difficulties and implement solutions to avoid delays with the transfer
  • Refer the buyer to the best mortgage advisers available in Dubai (This is only applicable if the buyer is purchasing a property using a Mortgage)
  • Work with the mortgage adviser for pre-approval, valuation, final approval, and prepare the manager’s cheques ready before the transfer date
  • Provides a detailed description accounting for the pro-rata service charges that buyers are required to pay to the seller (if applicable) on the date of transfer, the amount of money the buyer will prepare in Manager’s Cheques/Cash for the seller, and NOC fees for the Developer and registration fees for Dubai Land Department
  • The conveyancer will attend the required appointments at the developer’s office and the final transfer at the trustee office.
  • Ensure that the Title Deed is complete by checking with the Dubai Land Department
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