Robyn Summerill

Robyn Summerill

Recruitment Executive

Key Information

Experience: 2 years

Nationality: United Kingdom

Languages: English

Background and Experience

Robyn, our Recruitment Executive, came to Dubai to further her extensive career in the recruitment industry. She’s been drawn to the city by the zest for life that all her candidates have. Everyone moving to Dubai has one thing in common- they want better opportunities for themselves. This is something that she is motivated by on a day-to-day basis. Robyn is a very approachable individual who is keen to get the best out of everyone she meets. This started from a young age when she grew her company by 400% and didn’t have a single one of her recruits leave the company within their first two years.

In her spare time, Robyn enjoys spending time in the gym, cooking, socialising with friends and traveling.

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