Travis Pereira

Travis Pereira

Listing Manager

Key Information

Experience:  4 years

Nationality: India

Languages: English

Background and Experience

Travis, our Listing Manager, originally from India has been in Dubai since 1998. He completed his Bachelors in Marketing in 2019 and shortly after that he joined McCone Properties.

Travis joined us as a marketing intern and has since ushered the growth of the company. He was born and raised in Dubai and watching the city evolve over the years has only made him fall deeper in love with it. Over the years, Travis’ enthusiasm for learning and problem-solving has helped him gain expertise in the field of marketing and CRM management. He works closely with the marketing team ensuring that there is a smooth flow of operation bridging the gap between the agents and the marketing team. Nonetheless, he is a Jack of all trades with a solution to all of your problems.

In his spare time, Travis loves to travel, meditate, read and practice photography

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